The Double-Sided Grinder

A double-sided grinder typically is a solid coarse grinder with just two flat surfaces to grind. However, sometimes a double-sided grinder also does come with some benefits. One of those benefits is the ability to quickly and easily grind two flat surfaces together.

Grinding by hand is slow and requires practice and timing. With a working knowledge of your workpiece, timing can be used to control the speed and intensity of the grinding. On a two-sided grind, the top surface of the chuck can be turned 90 degrees and the work surface ground to a depth of one-half inch or less. The grinding angle on the rotating face of the chuck can be varied from fully circular to fully penetrating. The depth of the grinding can be adjusted for most workpieces using a full range of rotary power. Grinding machines with a two-sided action can be used to perform both sides of a common work piece simultaneously.

Some grinding machines, such as those manufactured by Honda, include a tool guard which prevents the grinding wheels from coming into contact with the work surface when the machine is in operation. Some grinder wheels are made of diamond plate which is coated in a special oil that is resistant to wear. These diamond plate wheels are also durable and sturdy and can withstand constant use for many years. Other wheels used in many double-sided grinder units are made of steel which are also durable and will last for many years.

Most professional grinder machines are powered by electrical motors. A cord or cordless power cord is needed to attach the grinding wheel to the machine. It is important to make certain the electrical cord is the appropriate type for the model of machine being used. An electric or gas motor can be attached to a double-sided grinder machine if the operator prefers this method of power. In general, any source of electrical power will allow the grinder to be used.

There are many different sizes and types of grinders available. Grinding machines with one or two grinding discs and those that are able to handle larger disks are available. Typically, small hand grinders are not suited for large surface areas. However, most of these units can handle the operation of larger two-sided grinders. Some two-sided grinders have a blade that locks into place when not in use; an important feature for many different types of professions.

A double-sided grinder may not be the most popular choice for a household, but it is an excellent option for a profession requiring heavy duty, durable grinding power. These units offer the user the ability to produce top quality pieces of stone, tile, granite, and other materials. It is important for users to consider their budget, their grinding needs, and the type of machine they need before selecting a specific unit. Users can find a wide range of units both online and in most retail stores.