What is a Surface Grinder?

Surface Grinder

What is a Surface Grinder?

Surface grinder is very common machining tool used for various purposes. It is used extensively for grinding metals, grinding fine materials and making a smooth surface on non-metallic surfaces. It is an extremely popular abrasive machining technique in which a rotating wheel is coated with rough abrasive particles to cut metal or non-metallic material from a material, producing a smooth or even face of it.

Grinding is one of the most commonly used techniques in all industries and in manufacturing and fabrication. It can be classified into two major types, namely, mechanical and electrical grinding. Mechanical grinder includes friction cutting, die grinding, rotary grinding, radial grinding, sanding, screw cutting and broaching.

The first stage of a surface grinder is a disc having a flat surface of approximately 0.250 inches or so. The disc is then mounted on a rotating wheel, which is spun at high speed to cut through the material at a rapid pace. This is an effective technique when you need to grind large parts of material quickly.

An electrical surface grinder consists of a DC electric motor that is powered by batteries or AC power. The blades or wheel rotates in the opposite direction than the current to create a magnetic force which then pulls the material towards the rotating disk. This force is strong enough to break the material without damaging it.

Grinding machines are used for a variety of purposes like for grinding different materials. It has many applications including cutting wood, plastics, metals, ceramics, fiberglass and ceramics. Grinding is also known as abrasive machinery because it uses a combination of abrasives to reduce, remove or polish a material.

Grinding machines can be operated using either electricity or by gas. When used with gas, it requires less work load as compared to the electric machine.

Surface grinder machines require very little maintenance and can be used for years without affecting its efficiency. It does not require oiling or lubricating which makes it easy to handle and clean. A number of accessories such as blades, brushes, wheels and bearings are also available which make it convenient to maintain.

Various parts of the machine are available such as bearings, blades, wheels, brushes and guards. These parts are made of plastic, rubber or aluminum and are available in many colors and styles to suit your taste. Grinding wheels and bearings may need to be replaced once in a while to prevent damage.

Grinding machines require little space to store since they are compact and portable. Since they are not too heavy, they do not require much space for storage.